ADHD/ ADD children and adults can be affected by social and learning challenges that many of us know only too well: hypersensitivity, emotional intensity, impulsive reactions to stimuli, lack of executive functioning skills,distraction and focus issues, procrastination.

Because it may be the propensity of the ADHD/ADD person to rely on one’s loved ones to provide stability, mentorship, emotional and executive skill support as well the understandable attachment and love that exists between them, the loss can be devastating. That ineffable connection is forever lost when a major figure dies.

For example, in my practice I have been witness to hearing, upon the loss of a key figure in a patient’s life,remarks such as “when my mother died last year, I became destabilized and desperate. The person I most depended on for reminding me about my routine life appointments is gone. Now I am all alone and have no one to depend on but myself.

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