Cybersex. The Newest and Most Compelling of Sexual Compulsions

Cybersex is the new sexual meeting game. It is alluring and free. It is anonymous and compelling. It is a fantasy world where folks can escape the daily routines of life. Or the demands of intimacy in a relationship, or the bottomless pit of loneliness and isolation. However, the addiction creates a lethal feedback loop that is hard to break. Once the compulsion-addiction starts to set in, cybersex eats up more and more of one’s time and creates isolation in itself.

Cybersex wrecks havoc with the couple, family life as well. The partner of the addict, at discovering the addiction in the other, can feel betrayed, jealousy, abandoned, anger hurt, decreased sexual attraction as well as loss of self esteem. He/she may feel they can never live up to “the others” who dwell within the Internet.

It can be a major contributing factor to separation or divorce.

Adverse effects on children include: possible exposure to porn, exposure to couple conflict and tension, losing parental attention due to the drive of the addiction and the preoccupation of the other parent on the problem.