PTSD.The Incredible Story of Janet S.

While in Mexico, looking for a summer home, I met the acquaintance of an older American expatriate named Jane S. The following is her life story and her struggle to overcome the tragedies of her life.She wanted a safe person to whom she could tell her story and not feel ashamed or demeaned. Janet long suffered from depression, and later PTSD.

Janet confided in me tht she was isolated and lonely in her life and that she had no friends with whom she could trust. She was very attached to and dependent on her brother who brought her to Mexico as get-away retreat from her mental problems.

Previously, she had been living in Portland, Oregon where she spent most of her time watching TV and ordering in Chinese food. She told me that once her brother brought her to Mexico, he left her there and went on to do other things.She felt abandoned and isolated. The few friends she once had were no longer in her life as they found her too needy and demanding.

Janet felt that she was “damaged goods” and could not progess in moving on with her life. She wanted to have someone to talk to, someone who could listen to her. I decided to take on the task as I was curious about her life and somehow, felt I could heal my own troubled past by listening.

Janet was born in a well-to-do family. However she was often rejected and demeaned by her mother for having learning disorders and severe depression. Her mother compared her to her older brother who was a high achiever in school. He was smart and had many friends. Janet told me that her mother was a cold, narcissistic , judgemental person with no affection or warmth for her. Her mother often put her down by calling her a useless, worthless person because of her mental and learning difficulties.