Self Esteem Counseling

“Gabi’s willingness to try different approaches to remedy my lack of confidence and negative self-esteem issues was very helpful. Her years of skill building and experience really reflect in her work” – B.H.

My definition of self esteem is placing a high value on yourself, feeling good about who you are. It is also your ability to set boundaries with people. Counseling can help to find your voice in a relationship so you don’t give up yourself to please others.

The origins of self esteem come largely from the quality of mothering and fathering in childhood. However, it is never too late to re-parent yourself and build your self esteem through therapy and counseling.

You can become the main source of your own esteem. Learning how to re-parent yourself creates peace of mind, self compassion, unconditional self-valuing, confidence and safety. You owe it to yourself to regain control over your life, finding peace and a voice in your life with others. Therapy can help.

Please contact Dr. Gabriela Kramer for caring self esteem counseling by filling out my form or by calling 510.841.8242